Remember a tax deductible receipt can be issued from our Treasurer Mr. Michael Johnson for any financial donations.   Please remember that a tax deductible receipt for donations in kind (product, work, or materials in lieu of cash) please contact our Treasurer on the recommended process that generally must be followed to issue receipts.  


Membership fee for the Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch is $25.00 Annually.  Please check under Resources, scroll down to forms and click on it.   Provided for you is the Membership Form.


Levy's are based on a set figure for each cadet in your corps.  From these funds we provide the insurance to you for your cadets. This figure is based on the numbers given to us by the Regional Cadet Support Unit on your corps numbers averaged over a given year.   If you decide to arbitrarily reduce your premium because of reduced numbers, it is important to know that the numbers you submit will also affect your support received from RCSU(PAC) based on what numbers you provided to the League.


New for 2017, we are providing you, all our Support Committee's, free content insurance (different from the other insurance that is done annually above with the Levy) this is free to you to protect your non-public funded possessions purchased by you (the Support Committee) to support your cadets training above what DND provides.  All your Corps purchased holdings in your building you are insured up to a maximum of $25,000.00. 

Direct Payment System:

Look for these links soon, we are working out a website payment system.

Template:     Expense Form

Template:     Levy Payment

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Template:     Budget Template for Support Committees