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Honours & Awards:

Mrs. Louise Prouse


Canada Company Cadet Bursary Program

Canada Company Launches Cadets & Junior Canadian Rangers Bursary Program

Canada company is pleased to announce the launch of a new bursary program aimed at helping Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers pursue post-secondary education, vocation or other learning opportunities. The Bursary program provides financial support to young men and women who demonstrate the attributes of leadership and citizenship, while also furthering their education.

Annually for the next 5 years, the Bursary program is committed to awarding bursaries of $1000.00 to six Army Cadets. For more information about the Bursary please contact Laurie-Ann Villenueuve at

Please see the following link for the Press Release Letter: Cadets Bursary Program

More information on Canada Company can be found on their wed site: Canada Company

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The Army Cadet Service Medal


The Army Cadet Service Medal was created to recognize continuous meritorious cadet service of at least 4 years by deserving Army Cadets. The onus shall be on the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps to being the nomination process. To qualify for the award, a serving cadet must have successfully completed four calendar years from their enrolment date. The cadet must have honorable service with no serious infractions, and be recommended by the Cadet Corps Commanding officer. All Army Cadets past or future shall be eligible for the award.

For more information in regards to eligibility please see Policy 13.1 Army Cadet Service Medal.

Please see the fillable Application Form: APPLICATION FORM ACSM

Payment is only required for an Award to a former cadet and a replacement medal. Initial awards and Additional year’s service do no require a fee.

Please complete the online application form and send payment (if required) in the form of a cheque made out to: The Army Cadet League of Canada.

The application and payment (if Required) Can be sent too:

Army Cadet League of Canada BC Branch 724 Vanalman Ave, Victoria, BC V8Z 3B5


For Information on medals, awards and Bursaries from the National site:



Presidents Award:

This is a National Army Cadet League award, awarded to the top cadet in British Columbia, each province has this award, which was initiated by Colonel (retired) Gene Lake, when he was president of the Army Cadet League of Canada.   Each province has a large trophy that has been cast by the sculptor Mr. Nathan Scott from Sooke, British Columbia.   The British Columbia Branch, in conjunction with the Regional Cadet Support Unit Pacific discuss cadets who are eligible.  A committee is struck to consider each candidate with the British Columbia Branch having the final decision.   A plaque from the same sculptor is presented to the selected top cadet at our Annual Pillars Conference.   The selection criteria and policy is on the National Army Cadet League Website, under Policy (Walsh Sword)   This award is presented at the Annual Pillars Conference each year.

Roy Rigby Jones Award:

This is awarded to the top cadet corps in British Columbia.   We ask that the Elemental Area Advisor's and the Zone Director for that area for input and a committee makes the final decision.   This award is presented at the Annual Pillars Conference each year.   There is no keeper trophy for this award.

Major Charles Whisker's Award:

This is awarded to the most outstanding volunteer of the year in British Columbia.  We ask the Commanding Officers to send us a submission for their choice for volunteer of the year.   This award is far to often overlooked by the Support Committee's to remind their Commanding Officers to put a worthy name forward for exceptional contributions to your corps.

Background on Major Whisker.  Charles was an ACICO in the Nanaimo area of our province and when he passed away, his family gave his mess kit to the Regional Cadet Support Unit in Victoria and requested that a plaque be made for presentation to a volunteer each year in his memory.   The SO2, at the time, sold the Mess Kit and gave the money to the British Columbia Branch of the Army Cadet League of Canada, which in turn funded this award.   Colonel Bob Stanley designed the perpetual plaque and the Branch had it made at Landmark Recognition.    There is a keeper each year for this award.

BGen (ret'd) Darrel Dean Fitness Award:

This is awarded to, both, the top male and top female fitness cadet in British Columbia.   The award is based on their performance at the Spring Concentration at VACSTC in Vernon, British Columbia.   BGen Dean donated some funds for the purchase of this award and we purchased it from Landmark Recognition.   There is a keeper each year for this award.

Major Sam Meckbach's Award:

This is awarded each year to the cadet candidate from British Columbia that tops the parachute course, which is held in Alberta each year.   Major Sam Meckbach's family upon his passing, in lieu of flowers, requested any donations be sent to the Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch to fund setting up this award.   This trophy was purchased from Joe Drouin's in Hull Quebec along with some keeper trophies.   There is a keeper each year for this award.

Lord Strathcona Medal:

The Lord Strathcona Trust Fund Medal is the highest award which can be bestowed on a Royal Canadian Army Cadet.  It recognizes the physical and military training.  The intent is to bestow the following attributes;

Encourage improvement in physical, intellectual capabilities and foster patriotism in cadets through knowledge.

To be eligible for this medal, a cadet must participate in a wide variety of training and experiences over a period of not less than three years.  Have a superior level of fitness and attended one summer six (6) week training course.   He or she, must be qualified with distinction to a training level of not less that silver start.   Must have met all the requirements of their corps mandatory LHQ training and attended at least the minimum of schedules training parades in the year of nomination.   As well, they must have met all the requirements of their corps optional/support LHQ training and participated in a minimum of 50% of the scheduled activities in the year of nomination and finally be regarded by their peers and supervisors as an exemplary cadet.

Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence:

The RCLCME is presented annually by the Royal Canadian Legion to each cadet corps.   This medal is in recognition of a cadet that endeavors to display pride in citizenship by meeting or enhances the aims and objectives of the Canadian Cadet Movement.  The Cadet must have completed annually the following steps in the cadet training.

Meets all the required corps LHQ mandatory requirements, support/optional training requirements, participated in a minimum of three (3) community service events, in addition to those supported by the cadet unit through its LHQ training requirements.  Regarded by their peers and subordinates as exemplifying the model cadet by, enhancing their cadet unit, cooperation with peers and subordinates, comradeship, promoting goodwill and morale, aiding the development of group identity and cohesiveness by supporting and assisting other cadets, officers and volunteers, and finally enhancing the impact of the cadet organization within their local community.

The Sovereigns Medal For Volunteers:

The Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers was initially conceived as the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award in 1995. In 2015, the award was replaced by the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers. The medal is awarded to: Any living person who is a Canadian citizen and who has made significant, sustained and unpaid contributions to their community in Canada or abroad is eligible. Candidates must have demonstrated an exemplary commitment through their dedicated volunteerism. The Medal is awarded to individuals only, not to groups or couples. Living non-Canadians are also eligible if their contributions have brought benefit or honour to Canadians or to Canada. There are no posthumous awards.

Please see the following link for more details of the award: 13.20 Sovereigns Medal Award

For more information on Bursaries and awards please see the following document: National Summary