Welcome to the Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch

Communication and Announcements: We often send announcements or updates via email for a variety of subjects. Each Corps should have a key contact person to receive messages-usually the Sponsor Committee Chairperson. Please see the master contact list under the drop down menu Resources/Exec and Zone Rep Resources.

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National Support Handbook

Public Affairs:

Information about the Public Affairs resources is available to inform, guide, and support your Corps on public affairs activities for the 2018-19 training year. A “starter set of newly designed print materials for your September start up is now available. Please use these materials for Outreach activities. Old materials may be recycled. New requests for new print materials for specific event using the Cdt #138 PA Support Request.    A CO’s Guide to Basic Public Affairs link is located below for easy reference. This guide is also available in the SharePoint Library under Public Affairs. Please use this as a reference for conducting your regular public affairs activities at the corps level.

CO’s Guide to Basic Public Affairs Document

The Cadet Correspondent Workshop is a new addition to the training year that allows us to engage youth in telling their own stories at the local and regional level. Each corps will have an opportunity to nominate one cadet to become their corps Cadet Correspondent by attending the workshop. A Q&A about Cadet Correspondents, including who should be considered for this opportunity, is included in this package. Cadet Correspondent Workshops will be offered at the same time as many Year 5 workshops. Please note that your cadets can not attend Year 5 and Cadet Correspondent workshops simultaneously. Cadets can be loaded on to the workshop via FORTRESS, with more details coming soon on SharePoint.

If you have any questions about conducting public affairs at your corps, or if you have staff members that would like to be involved in public affairs, please do not hesitate to contact the:

Regional Public Affairs Officer, Capt Cheryl Major, at 250-363-7302 or cheryl.major@forces.gc.ca.

A link to the Starter set for Posters/Pamphlets etc. can be found Canadian Cadet Organization Portal/Public Affairs/Print Products:  Canadian Cadet Organization Portal



The Canadian Red Cross has introduced the BC Branch to a possible fundraising opportunity for the upcoming training year. This program gives you the ability to utilize the Canadian Red Cross product line of first aid kits for your fundraiser.  Currently about 75% of Canadians are not prepared for your basic wound care needs, and this program will now help Canadians be better prepared while at the same time helping your organization raise money.

The fundraising program was launched in October 2018 and the Canadian Red Cross has been working with a number of different groups with extremely successful results.  To date, groups have sold $30,000.00 worth of Canadian Red Cross branded first aid kits and was able to produce a gross profit of $12,000.00, that’s a 40% gross profit margin! The Canadian Red Cross also have the ability to support your organization with product sell sheets, and marketing material specifically branded with our organization logo and information to help the fundraiser be as successful as possible.

If you would like more information and an opportunity to speak about further launching this program for your next fundraising campaign, please contact Mr. Jason Plut.

Jason Plut, Sales Specialist jplut@hawktreesolutions.com p 289.273.5370 c 905.329.9412

 Please see the following Brochure: Fundraising Brochure

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