21 January 2018

The Army Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Branch is proud to announce, we are hosting the 1st Annual Marksmanship Competition for Army Cadets in British Columbia this January at the New Westminster Regiments Armoury, in New Westminster, BC.    We appreciate the concern from around the Province that this is being held in the lower mainland for the corps there to attend making it difficult for the rest of British Columbia.   For us, this is a new venture and we need to walk before we run.   Please understand we are trying this out for the first time to weigh the pros and cons to see if this is a viable venture for us and look for any input the rest of the Province may have.   If we have a positive event, and with everyone's input we will do our best to see this grow to its full potential.   Thank You Capt. Randy Bach for stepping up as the OPI for this first time event.   Thank You all for your understanding.

10 February 2018

       CANCELLED with Regrets.......

Heart of Gold Gala - Has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.


17-26 March 2018

Vimy Battlefield Tour - All cadet corps in British Columbia can apply to this free trip for selected cadets, criteria for selection please check under Resources and VIMY BATTLEFIELD TOUR.    Good Luck all applicants.