Winners of the ANAVET’s Award from 1922 RCACC

This past summer there were 2 winners of the ANAVET’s Cadet Medal of Merit from 1922 RCACC. Cadet Emily Long and Cadet Oliver Cole. Oliver was awarded the medal because of his completion of the Basic Para Course-one of the toughest course in the Army Cadet Program. He will be entering his final year of Cadets this September. Emily was awarded the medal for her outstanding work this summer at Vernon CTC as top Cadet and top Cadet in Course.

Please see the wonderful article from the Langley Advanced Times: LANGLEY TIMES ARTICLE

Cadet Long also submitted an article on how Cadets has changed her life-to read the article to help inspire new Cadets to join-please see the link: Emily Long Letter

Way to go Emily and Oliver and we wish all the best in your future endeavors!


Cadet Emily Long

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Cadet Oliver Cole


The Army Cadet League of Canada received the following email from Bill Kilsby;

19 years ago my wife was a cadet in 1725 Chilliwack Army cadets.
She was awarded the top red star award then at Vernon camp she was awarded the top cadet in platoon.

This year our Son in same cadet core,

Our Son was awarded the top Red star and at Vernon camp was awarded top cadet in platoon for basic marksmanship!

I guess my wife passed on her good Cadet abilities to our son!

Thank you very much for a great program!

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BC Lions Flag Party


Cadets from the Pacific Region are authorized to participate in the BC Lions Flag Party during home games in Vancouver. Dress is full dress and timings are one hour before game time at the East Airlock entrance. Cadets are required to stay until the opening O Canada ceremony and can be dismissed at that point. Cadets can stay and watch the game but will not be supervised at that point, and since they will be still in uniform conduct is expected to be on the highest Canadian Forces standard.


Thank you Letter from the 2827 RCACC Parent

RCSU (P) received a lovely thank you letter for the Expedition staff that were involved with the Silver Star Expedition at Golden Ears from May 4-5, 2019 from the parent of MCpl Silvey. When MCpl Silvey of the 2827 RCACC fell he knew right away he was hurt seriously and was unable to walk. CIC Officers and Cadet Staff showed such professionalism executing first aid, and keeping MCpl Silvey calm. The confidence that MCpl Silvey had for the CIC Officers and Staff Cadets is a huge testament to the program, training, dedication and professionalism that the Cadet Instructor Cadre and the Cadet Program instills.

We hope MCpl Silvey has a quick recovery from his injuries.

Please see the complete thank you letter with the following link: Thank you Letter



Top cadets came from across Canada to Victoria, B.C. for the National #Marksmanship Championships taking place from May 5th - 9th, 2019. Congratulations to all participants!


Provincial Marksmanship Championship Vernon BC 12-14 April 2019

Congratulations to all who participated in the Provincial Marksmanship Championship. A special shout out to the 3rd place team 2812 Seaforth RCACC from Surrey/White Rock. Well done!



Hundreds of Army Cadets on parade from different Regimental affiliations took place in the Vimy Memorial Parade in Surrey BC on Sunday April 7th. In addition to Cadets in attendance, there was aslo MLA’s, MP’s Mayors, City Councilors, Legion members, friends and family members. We make time for the parade as we want to honour those Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Please see the following link to the CBC Article: Metro Vancouver Army Cadets Commerate Battle of Vimy Ridge